We are a group of aerospace professionals located strategically around Europe. Our purpose is to sell and support engineered products within aerospace and related industries. Each of us owns our own business which are linked together as The Markwell Trading Services Group. We all have engineering backgrounds and collectively we have experience in most disciplines within the industry to draw upon. All our staff are degree-qualified engineers, some are also pilots.

We offer the advantages of a network without the large corporate overheads and inflexible formal structures often associated with such groups. Our belief is that as individuals dedicated to the industry, linked together by contract and thus able to act as a group, we can better serve the needs of todays companies. We are also part of a network of independent representatives which gives us connections across the USA and who can be contacted via: www.amaa-rep.com.

We offer local personnel who understand the laws, customs and intricacies of doing business in a particular country, but with the added advantage of one point of contact for all commercial and contractual matters.

We currently sell and support products in the OEM, airline and military markets.

Aerospace Sector

This is the major part of our business. We work closely with both development and production engineering groups together with procurement and product support teams as programmes go in to production.

Military and Defence Sector

Whilst the military sector has declined somewhat in the last few years specialist vehicles and technologies requiring sophisticated sensors have grown up to replace the older traditional military vehicles.

Our Network

Working across Europe, we offer an unrivalled network of engineers who speak the languages, understand local customs and ways of doing business. With many years of experience selling engineered products we have a unique ability to network within the customer base giving us a head start for new projects.

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