Our Products and Services Include:

  • Aircraft and helicopter exterior lighting
  • Bearings, precision, custom and thin section bearings for aerospace, defence, medical, semi-conductor and other applications
  • Digital compass and AHRS modules
  • Power conversion products – static inverters, frequency converters, lighting dimmers, TRUs
  • High performance solid carbide cutting tools, focused on drilling solutions for the Aerospace & composite structures industry.  Cutwell has developed a patented drill design for CFRP & CFRP stack drilling that delivers unparalleled hole quality, improves delamination, and offers some of the fastest feed rates in the industry
  • Sealed and vented FNC and lithium main power batteries and chargers
  • Ultrasonic shot peening
  • Ultrasonic impact treatment (needle peening)
  • Ultrasonic needle straightening

Why MTS?

  • High value consulting services
  • Unique network across Europe
  • Single point contract
  • Sales and marketing flexibility at less cost
  • Highly experienced sales force
  • Immediate access to market
  • Multi-faceted multi skilled team
  • Consulting services
  • Unparalleled knowledge of local customs and business practices