With many years of experience in selling engineered products across the European aerospace industry we offer an unrivalled network of engineers who speak the languages, understand the local customs and ways in which business is done in the various countries. Our customer base includes most of the key players in the aerospace industry and it would be fair to say that if we don’t presently have a business with a particular company we have probably done business with them in the past and thus will have contacts with in these companies. Add to this that we have a unique ability to network within the customer base using existing contacts giving us a head start when introducing new principals to the territory. Finally, our network of offices in the key centres allows us to track programmes across borders which individual representatives cannot do.

All this is available with a single contract, you do not need multiple contracts for the different countries and whilst we offer pan European coverage we can also offer coverage down to a single customer if that is your requirement.

European Coverage

UK Office England, Scotland, Northern Ireland
The Netherlands
Paris Office France
Hamburg Office Germany
Czech Republic
Milan Office Italy