Sharon-Cutwell, a manufacturer of high-performing, precision cutting tools for aerospace and defence drilling is providing our patented solutions to the United Kingdom.  For more than 75 years, Cutwell has been designing & crafting custom, solid carbide cutting tools for the Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Medical and Firearms industries.

From Boeing to Airbus, Dassault to Lockheed Martin, the world’s leading Aerospace & Defence contractors rely on Sharon-Cutwell for their drilling solutions. Aerospace OEMs leverage our tooling engineers, and advanced manufacturing processes to tackle the toughest drilling challenges. We will help you develop and execute complex drilling processes – delivering the throughput you need without sacrificing hole quality or accuracy.

If drilling composites, composite stacks and other exotic materials present your biggest challenges, we’re your partner to help you tackle them. With our patented Wave-Point® Drill technology, we can provide the performance and solutions you need to get results.  We lead the industry in speed, tool life and lowest cost per hole when drilling today’s advanced composite materials. E.g., ¼” (6.35mm) Wave-Point® Drill: 64 IPM (1630 MMPM) with 800 inches (20 m) drilled per tool.

We’re focused on creating and delivering solutions that optimize your machines, create manufacturing efficiencies, deliver significant cost savings and improve product quality.  If you’re wanting to advance to the top of the industry, contact us through the link or phone numbers on the contact page.

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